Blue Cave Croatia 5 Islands Tour from Split

One of the most wanted adventures in Split and Dalmatia is the Blue Cave tour or five islands tour. This popular tour gives you a chance to visit the most famous destinations of Central Dalmatian islands and coastline, all in one day. 

Join us on our Blue Cave & 5 Islands Tour from Split and enjoy the adrenaline ride by a speedboat, get a feel of the wind in your hair, fill your day with lots of sunshine and laughter. One of the biggest highlights of this tour is the Blue Cave, one of the most stunning natural wonders of Croatia. This blue jewel of the Dalmatian coast will leave you breathless. Once you have explored the famous Blue Cave, visit Stiniva beach and take a swim in the crystal blue sea. We continue our journey to Budikovac Islet, where you can enjoy swimming and snorkeling in the so-called Blue Lagoon. The next stop on our way is the ‘must see’ town of Hvar. Take time to explore the history of this beautiful place, do some sightseeing, grab lunch, or enjoy a drink in the amazing scenery. And finally, Pakleni Islands with their stunning beaches, as well as many bars and restaurants. 

For everything you want to see or for any recommendations, our tour guide and skipper are there for you – they are there to keep the perfect day perfect. 

This excursion can also be booked as a private Blue Cave trip, where we can maximally adapt to your needs and desires.

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  • Fuel and handling charges
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Know before you go

The tour starts in front of our agency (Maruliceva 4, Split) where a small group of maximum 12 people gathers, and the guide takes you to the speedboat with comfortable and safe seats which is your living room for the day. 

If the weather is a bit windy the ride might be a little bumpy in the speedboat.

The tour is not recommended for people with medical conditions (such as mobility problems), pregnant women, people with back problems, wheelchair users, and children under 5 years of age.

Swimming in the Blue Cave is not permitted, you will spend 15 minutes inside with an official guide on a wooden boat and will be given all the important facts about the cave by the guide.

It is advisable to bring a light jacket (as it is a bit windy on the speedboat), as well as a towel, hat, sunscreen, water, and a swimsuit.

Full itinerary description

7:30 am
Departure Point
Maruliceva 4, 21000 Split
Blue Cave Croatia - must see wonder of nature (Bisevo Island)

The Blue Cave in Croatia is a unique wonder of nature, located on the small island of Bisevo. Its name already describes it perfectly, one-of-a-kind places in the world, widely known for its crystal blue water. It attracts many tourists and local people each day during the summer. The cave was originally accessible only by diving as there was only one natural entrance below sea level. To be able to provide more people with this unique experience, an artificial entrance was made in 1884. and it is large enough for small boats to enter the Cave. Usually, the ideal time to enter is in the morning while the sun is high, and the sunrays create the perfect angle with the bottom of the cave to color it in the most beautiful shades of blue while all the objects in the water appear to be silver and sparkle. This is the first and most important stop on our Blue Cave tour. Because of the large number of people visiting the cave every day, sometimes we need to wait our turn to enter, but there is no place for worry, we do all the waiting for you while you relax on the beach or have breakfast or a coffee in a local bar. Once it is our turn to enter, we enter in with a small wooden boat that takes you into the blue jewel of the Adriatic coast.

Stiniva Beach - one of the most famous Croatian beaches (Vis Island)

The Southeast side of the island of Vis keeps many small caves and beaches hidden from the influence of the outside world and we visit the most famous one in Stiniva bay. Stiniva beach was rewarded as one of the most interesting and beautiful beaches in Europe. The fact that the beach can be approached only by boat or by walking from the other side of the island is the reason for preserving the natural beauty of Stiniva. We stop the boat in the bay right in front of the beach and it takes a short swim to get to the beach, which you will certainly feel is a worthy effort when you get to see the bay of deep crystal blue sea surrounded with the high rocks spreading in front of you.

Budikovac Island - an uninhabited islet with a magical blue sea

Budikovac, a place where you feel like you are in the middle of paradise, is perfect for swimming and snorkeling. It is one of many small islands surrounding Vis, and it is known as a great location to explore the diversity of the sea world in the area. You will enjoy swimming in the crystal clear sea - so magically blue that the bay is known as the blue lagoon. If you do not prefer swimming, you can always choose to have a drink in a local beach bar or just enjoy the sun on the sundeck of the boat.

Hvar - a town of parties on the sunniest island in the Mediterranean

The island of Hvar and Hvar town - It needs no introduction given the fact that it is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world. The beautiful capital of one of the sunniest islands of the Mediterranean, the town of historical heritage, clear sea, lavender, and parties. That is where we make a longer stop to give you enough time to explore the town and enjoy lunch in some of the local restaurants, where you can taste amazing local food and wine. When it comes to sightseeing, we can point out a few locations not to miss: the Fortress Spanjola on top of the hill above the town of Hvar, the Main Square, St. Stephen’s cathedral…

Pakleni Islands - perfect for lounging in the sun

Pakleni Islands are actually a set of islands located in front of the town of Hvar, famous for its beauty. The islands are not inhabited during the whole year and every single one of them has something different to offer – from bars and restaurants to beaches and scents of pines and local herbs. And yes, we just cannot go over it: the actual correct name of this set of islands is PAKLINSKI islands. It was named after paklina, a black resin characteristic for the type of pines growing on the islands which were used in shipbuilding.

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For a full refund, cancel at least 24 hours in advance.

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This unique gem of nature is special in the sense that the sun’s rays pass through an opening below sea level, which then creates a beautiful blue light. The water coming from the white floor of the cave bathes the grotto in aquamarine light, while objects in the water appear to be silver. The ideal moment to visit the cave is between 10am and 1pm.

The small Croatian island of Biševo has a dozen caves, but none have become such an international attraction as the Blue Cave. It is a unique wonder of nature. Its name already describes it perfectly, it is a one of a kind sight in the world. Widely known for its crystal blue water, the Blue Cave-Croatia attracts a large number of tourists and local people each day during the summer.

Earlier, swimming in the Blue Cave was permitted but it has not been allowed for the past few years in order to help preserve its natural beauty. You will spend 15 minutes inside with an official guide on a wooden boat and will be given all the important facts about the cave by the guide.

The tour is not recommended for people with medical conditions as the ride can be a bit bumpy due to waves, such as people with mobility problems, pregnant women, back problems, wheelchair users and children under 5 years of age.

Most people visit the cave as part of an organized group. We have options by speedboat, what is most comfortable and useful, because we combine 5 more destinations on this tour (up to 12 people per tour), which makes this trip unique. Another option is to visit the cave yourself, but in that case you have to sail into the Biševo port of Mežuporat, where the tickets for touring the Blue Cave are sold. For the safety and preservation of its natural beauty, it is forbidden to enter the cave in a private boat.

Included in price: tour skipper and sailor, travel insurance and all taxes, fuel and handling charges, snorkeling equipment and safety equipment. Entry tickets for the Blue Cave are not included, our sailor will collect the money from you on the boat (10Eur - 17Eur, depending on the season), and purchase them. If there is a queue at the entrance, our sailor will wait in the queue for you while you are at the beach and enjoying the sun. When the entrance is ready, the sailor will call you, and go together inside.

The Blue Cave is approx 1:45h from Split by speedboat.

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