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Interesting facts about the city of Split you probably didn’t know

Split is a city of rich cultural and historical heritage, the city of art and lavish architecture, sports and singing, and for those who are visiting for the first time, it certainly presents a unique experience. In addition, you’ll find some of the most interesting things you didn’t know about this beautiful city. 1. The city of Split was an inspiration and shelter for many renowned artists such as Marko Marulić, also known as “the father of Croatian literature”. The works of this 15th century writer were so popular th...

Posted by Booker on, 11.12.2018.

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Traveling tips and tricks

Travels and excursions, especially if it’s abroad, demand meticulous planning and good organization. Most of us always have that feeling that they’ve forgotten something, fear of getting the proper accommodation, and worry if the travel will be worth the money and provide you with an unforgettable experience. To make all this process of preparation easier, we bring you some of the useful advices which might help you along the way. If you are visiting another country, one of the most important things is to inform about laws and regulations which apply ...

Posted by Booker on, 04.12.2018.

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Discover all the beauties of the picturesque city of Mostar

Located on the shores of Neretva River, Mostar is well-known as the largest cultural and economic center of Herzegovina. The name of the city comes from the guardians of numerous bridges surrounding the city, which are called “most” in Bosnian. Mostar is therefore one of the most beautiful cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and that fact is recognized even by the UNESCO, which included the Bridge and the old part of the town on the list of world’s protected cultural heritage. The Old bridge was built back in 1566 un...

Posted by Booker on, 26.11.2018.

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Top advices for safe and comfortable rafting experience

Rafting is an adrenaline sport, and like every other, it has its benefits, but also the rules you should definitely follow. On one hand, you’ll get the opportunity to experience the excitement over river rapids and enjoy the beauties of the surrounding nature, but on the other hand, you also have to take care of your own safety to avoid potential injuries and unpleasant situations. Here you’ll find a couple of advices which will turn your rafting into a perfect adrenaline day in the nature. Choo...

Posted by Booker on, 16.11.2018.

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Why is traveling important?

Nowadays, when we are surrounded by stressful and fast-paced way of life, overloaded with obligations, tasks and deadlines, it’s important, now more than ever, to take some time off just for yourself, get away from everything, travel someplace nice and relax your body and mind for a few days. Traveling is important because it fundamentally transforms us. It's not all about getting acquainted with new things and cultures, but also about learning about yourself in the process. While some prefer investing in things which are passing and perishable, such...

Posted by Booker on, 13.11.2018.

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Wine routes of the Dalmatian hinterland

Dalmatian hinterland is one of the most popular wine regions in Croatia, but wine is not the only thing you’ll find, taste and see if you decide to join us on this adventure. Apart from great wines and amazing traditional cuisine, you’ll also get a chance to explore the rich cultural and historical heritage of this region, and discover all the hidden natural beauties of inland Dalmatia. The area around the Imotski town is especially attractive. The grapevine has been cultivated there for hundreds, even thousands of years – some say the grapevine ...

Posted by Booker on, 02.11.2018.

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Enjoy the hidden natural beauties of Cetina canyon

The unspoiled nature of the Cetina canyon offers a perfect opportunity for an active holiday. The canyon is overlooking the 100km long Cetina river, which is, due to its wilderness and speed, also known as the Horse river. That being said, it's quite self-explanatory why this area attracts many tourists in search for extreme sports such as ziplining, kayaking, rafting, and canyoning, but also those who prefer long walks along the river, sightseeing, and enjoying moments of pure pleasure through peace and quiet, disturbed only by the sounds of nature. Apart from the amazi...

Posted by Booker on, 26.10.2018.

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Zipline Croatia – an exciting mix of adrenaline, speed, and nature

If you are a fan of adrenaline adventures, ziplining is definitely something you should put on your “to-do” list and enjoy an exhilarating and exciting mix of adrenaline, nature, and speed. Zipline is a cable mounted on a slope with a pulley and a harness attached for the rider’s safe travel from the top to the bottom of the inclined cable. The incline itself enables the rider to use gravity to move along the line with pace and speed, thus creating a unique adventure. Originally it was made popular in Jamaica and South America, but th...

Posted by Booker on, 18.10.2018.

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Dubrovnik – a city of rich historical and cultural heritage

Dubrovnik is one large cultural and historical monument and it’s often called the Monument City. The old historic town of Dubrovnik is definitely the most attractive part, with more than 1900m of almost intact old city walls, which consist of numerous fortifications, bastions, towers, and separate forts, including Minčeta Tower, recognized as a symbol of liberty of Dubrovnik. Back in the day, those walls served the purpose of protecting the city from invasions, and nowadays they represent a main tourist attraction. Within those walls you’ll find so...

Posted by Booker on, 10.10.2018.

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Historic city of Trogir – ''Castle on the water''

Trogir counts as one of those historic places for which we could say, (if the licent of poetics is allowed;) 'it exist for all eternity'. The beginning of life in this picturesque town is lost in the pre-history while the oldest findings date back to 2000 years before our era. Such early interest for this area is caused by natural, ecological reasons as well as the convenient seating of  its historical core. 
Trogir is therefore a part of those small, age-old settlements that do not arise on the basis of a decision or emergency as a resort, but by a natu...

Posted by Booker on, 11.08.2018.

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Croatian beach Stiniva situated on the island of Vis voted 'best in Europe' in 2016

If you're looking for a quiet corner away from the city noise and rush, Stiniva Bay is a perfect place for you. Untouched nature hidden on a small Croatian island called Vis on the Adriatic Sea. Vis is the farthest inhabited island off the Croatian main land. Vis has an area of 90.26 square kilometres .The highest point of the island is Hum which is 587 metres (1,926 feet) above sea level. The island's two largest towns are the town of Vis and Komiža, on its western coast. Vis is famous for its fishing industry , agriculture and tourism industry. Around 20% of ara...

Posted by Booker on, 08.08.2018.

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Mystic town of Imotski

The town of Imotski is a part of the Imotski's landscape, back in the 10th century it was founded near the border of Croatia with Bosnia and Herzegovina and is a part of the Dalmatian hinterland. It is considered one of the most beautiful Dalmatian towns due to the old town core which is made of carved stone. But apart from the beauty of this area, it has some truly special features. On its western edge, this town ‘hugs’ one of its most famous lakes and attractions. It is the Blue lake, and only one kilometer away stands the widely known Red lake, the dee...

Posted by Booker on, 06.08.2018.

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Krka National Park

Croatian National Park "Krka" is located in the area of Šibenik-Knin County, covering an area of 109 km² of the most beautiful part of the river Krka and the lower flow of the Čikola River. Krka River is around 72.5 km long and by the length is the 22nd river in Croatia. The exceptional beauty of the Krka National Park is created with seven sedge waterfalls that have a total "fall" of 224 meters. The Sedge waterfalls of Krka leave its visitors speechless with the magic game of water, sedges and nature, and are the natural and karst phenomenon of th...

Posted by Booker on, 12.07.2018.

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Diocletian's Palace in Split

Diocletian was a Roman Emperor from the 20th November 284 to the 11th May 305. He declared himself a god in his reign but the Christian part of the empire did not support that idea. Then he started persecuting Christians, crucifying more than any other emperor. We can also remember him for the decision that coins could only be made of gold or silver, stopping the trend of using lead in their creation. He made the tax system work more efficiently. The Diocletian's Palace is an ancient palace built for the Diocletian emperor at the turn of the fourth century,...

Posted by Booker on, 27.06.2018.

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Plitvice lakes

Plitvice Lakes are the oldest, the largest and the most visited national park of the Republic of Croatia. This area has always attracted nature lovers with its exceptional beauty and was proclaimed as the first national park in Croatia back in 1949. Plitvice Lakes also received an international acknowledgment in 1979 by inscribing to the UNESCO World Heritage List. The phenomenon of these lakes is in the process of ' calcification' that forms the famous sedge barriers or, in the simplest terms, creates the karstic parts of the lake through which wate...

Posted by Booker on, 25.06.2018.

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The Alka Tournament of Sinj

Today the Alka of Sinj is a unique knightly tournament in Europe held every year in August only in Sinj, a small town of inland Dalmatia. The oldest known written mention of the Alka of Sinj dates from 1784. These are three sonnets and an ode written in Italian language by a doctor and musician from Split, Julije Bajamonti. The oldest official document is a letter written on February 10th 1798 by count Raimund Thurn, the first Austria...

Posted by Booker on, 21.04.2017.

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Trips to the colors, aromas, and fragrances of Vrgorac

At the bosom of Biokovo mountain which connects the sea and the islands, the coast and the hinterland of Makarska Riviera, lie countless hamlets, pearls of vernacular architecture, while its slopes come down to the rocky fields of Bunin, Rastoke and Jezera dominated by Vrgorac. Vrgorac town and its rural area is a young tourist destination that attracts by its authentic charm, and captivates the visitor looking for cultural attraction...

Posted by Booker on, 10.04.2017.

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1001 DALMATIAN FLAVOURS – 5 must-try dishes in Dalmatia

Mediterranean cuisine is continuously being praised for being the healthiest, with the region being blessed with a wealth of fresh ingredients such as fruits, fish, herbs, and vegetables being available, creating sumptuous concoctions loved throughout the world. Croatian cuisine cannot be defned alone as just Mediterranean, as its influence goes far beyond the azure coastline of the Med. In fact, Croatian culinary traditions have been greatly influenced by its previous conquerors; French, Austro-Hungarian, Italian, and ...

Posted by Booker on, 28.06.2016.

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Religious tourism

Apart from the sun, sea, beautiful bays and picturesque towns, excellent food, wine and olive oil, many travelers come to Dalmatia for religious tourism as well. Numerous shrines, beautiful churches, interesting religious events and tours, have a great potential for the development of the religious tourism industry, which counts up to several hundred million arrivals per year on a global scale. Although each place, even the smallest one, has its own religious feast, for this occasion I will single out some of the most importa...

Posted by Booker on, 27.06.2016.

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