Here you can book day trips and excursions from Split.


When tourists come to Split, they usually wonder what they could do here besides swimming, sunbathing and sightseeing. There is a lot that Split and its surroundings have to offer and what they can entertain you with. One of the activities you should not miss are day tours from Split.

The possibilities are numerous. You can choose between nature and cities, sea and land. Explore national parks, their beauties, flora and fauna. Or step into distant history by walking through streets that look the same as they did centuries ago, enjoy the stories, architecture and cultural monuments. And if you want your vacation to be just a vacation, choose one of the day tours that will take you from Split to beautiful beaches, bays and caves. Swim, snorkel, lounge on the beach - just relax and forget the worries.

If, during your holiday, you prefer to spend time with close relatives and friends, take a look at our private tours from Split or contact us, we will design a day tour according to your wishes.

The only question that remains is: how to choose the first trip.


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