Booker - Transfers & Tours - Taxi transport - Faq

Here you can book day trips and excursions from Split.


1. How do I make a booking and payment transfers?

You can perform your booking with the assistance of the booking form located on the website

Please choose your starting point, destination and date, click on the prices.

The link will show you different types of vehicles and transfer prices for one way and return.

Select your transfer and follow the steps.

Payments can be made by cash or credit card.

2. What does the transportation price include?

One-way transportation price includes:

- transportation from the starting point to the destination,

- luggage transport,

- driver assistance for all problems and inquiries.

3. What if I have more luggage?

Your luggage is included in the price and it is recommended to bring one large suitcase and one hand luggage per person. In case you have filled the capacity of all persons in the vehicle and a larger amount of luggage than recommended, please inform us, we can send you an adequate vehicle with a larger luggage compartment. The price does not change because in this case.

4. Are the transfer prices per person or per vehicle?

Transfer prices are always per vehicle and the type of vehicle is determined by the number of passengers. You can pay your transfer in Euro or Croatian Kuna directly to the driver.

5. What type of vehicle can I choose?

You can choose between standard 1-3, van 4-8, minibus 9-15 and bus 16-50. All our vehicles are newer generation vehicles.

6. How can I find my transfer upon arrival?

The driver comes to pick you up at your desired starting point. If the transfer should include the airport, ferry port and similar, the driver awaits you at the check-out exit with your name and sign.

7. Is smoking allowed in the vehicle?

Smoking is not allowed during transportation. At your request, the driver can make a break.

8. Why is it better to book a transfer than a regular taxi?

Booker offers transfer services at fixed prices. Your transfer expense in advance is determined and the price does not depend on the increased seasonal demand for taxi transport. Besides convenient and fixed prices, with Booker you do not have to waste time looking for transportation at your starting point.

9. Do I need to pay additionally if the driver has to wait because of flight delays?

If your flight is delayed, the driver will be informed about the new schedule and await you without any additional charge at the starting point.

10. What happens if I cancel my reservation?

You can cancel free of charge up to 24 hours before transfer.

11. Do you allow transfer for disabled people?

Unfortunately, we don't provide transport of persons with disabilities.

12. Does the price of transfer include a tip for the driver?

You decide whether you want to give your driver a tip.

13. Apart from transfers, may I book a trip with Booker?

Booker apart from transfers offers excursions all over Croatia. Tours can be arranged with a driver or with a guide.

14. What if I lose my booking confirmation?

If you lose your booking confirmation, please contact us and you will get a new booking confirmation.

15. What kind of insurance do I have during the transfer?

You and your luggage are insured during transportation, but we recommend extra insurance for the entire trip.

16. Is it allowed to transport pets?

It is possible to provide transport for your pet, but only if properly placed in a travel box and put in the luggage department of the vehicle.

17. If I can't find the answer to my question, what should I do?

If you can't find the answer to your question, feel free to contact Booker customer support. The telephone number is: 00 385 (0)98 90 60 198.


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