Croatian beach Stiniva, situated on the Island of Vis, voted 'best in Europe' in 2016


If you're looking for a quiet corner away from the city noise and rush, Stiniva Bay is a perfect place for you. Untouched nature hidden on a small Croatian island called Vis in the Adriatic Sea. Vis is the farthest inhabited island off the Croatian main land. It has an area of 90.26 square kilometres .The highest point of the island is Hum which is 587 metres (1,926 feet) above sea level. The island's two largest towns are the town of Vis, on the northenrn coast, and Komiža, on island's western coast.

What else is Vis famous for?

Vis is famous for its fishing industry, agriculture and tourism industry. Around 20% of arable land on the island is covered with vineyards.It is claimed that old Greeks planted the first vineyards in Dalmatia on the island of Vis. Bugava is the most famous wine brand of the island Vis. This wine is made from a white sort of grape, known for its honey flavor. Still,˝Viški Plovac˝ is the oldest known wine from a black sort of grape, one of the most important grapesorts in Croatia. The sea around Vis is rich with fish, especially blue fish (sardine, mackerel and anchovy). Fishermen of the 16th century developed their own type of fishing boat, the falkuša, which was used even in the second half of the 20th century because of its excellent features.

Stiniva - a lonely, inaccessible gem

The most important and most famous part of Vis are the small and narrow bay in Stiniva that is situated on the island of Vis. Stiniva is the most attractive bay on the island, located south of the local road that connects the two villages Podšpilje and Plisko Polje. The bay is about 600 meters long and 100 meters wide at the entrance. Both sides of Stiniva are surrounded by high unavailable rocky rocks. At the coast of the bay there are several uninhabited fishing houses, which together with the bay are protected as a natural reserve. The best way to come and enjoy is a private boat trip. The approach to the beach itself is extremely inaccessible from the land side. Eventually, it can be reached by a half-hour walk through a goat trail.

The bay is interesting for divers as the whole Vis is. Alongside the natural beauties in the underwater submarine, there are many traces of the heavy past such as sunk ships, planes, submarines. Stiniva is a perfect beach for lovers of beautifully clean sea and wild landscape. You can take some of scheduled day tours, such as Blue Cave & 5 islands tour from Split, to combine visit to this fabulous bay and other natural phenomenon and incredible nature in the area.



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