Zipline Croatia – an exciting mix of adrenaline, speed, and nature


If you are a fan of adrenaline adventures, ziplining is definitely something you should put on your “to-do” list and enjoy an exhilarating and exciting mix of adrenaline, nature, and speed. Zipline is a cable mounted on a slope with a pulley and a harness attached for the rider’s safe travel from the top to the bottom of the inclined cable. The incline itself enables the rider to use gravity to move along the line with pace and speed, thus creating a unique adventure. Originally it was made popular in Jamaica and South America, but the trend kept growing and was quickly adopted by other countries, including Croatia.

Zipline Croatia is a ziplining polygon located in the canyon of the Cetina River, one of the most attractive natural sites in this part of the country. Descend along the canyon and enjoy a breathtaking ride which will get your blood pumping and raise your adrenaline to the maximum, with guaranteed safety and complete high-quality gear. The ride itself is an amazing experience, but the whole adventure also includes a short walk to the top of the mountain, basic training at the polygon for beginners, and sliding down from each of the wires in the end.

This zipline is positioned at a height of 150m and the total length of all 8 wires is 2100m, with the longest one being 700m. If you want to discover the spectacular landscape surrounding the Cetina canyon from a different perspective and experience an adrenaline rush at the same time, visit and place your reservation for this unique adventure right now.


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