Wine routes of the Dalmatian hinterland


Dalmatian hinterland is one of the most popular wine regions in Croatia, but wine is not the only thing you’ll find, taste and see if you decide to join us on this adventure. Apart from great wines and amazing traditional cuisine, you’ll also get a chance to explore the rich cultural and historical heritage of this region, and discover all the hidden natural beauties of inland Dalmatia.

The area around the Imotski town is especially attractive. The grapevine has been cultivated there for hundreds, even thousands of years – some say the grapevine was brought here by ancient Romans, and some claim that it was cultivated even before that by the Delmata Illyrian, a tribe well known for its connections to the Greeks. Be that as it may, Imotski has grown into a proper wine center of Dalmatian hinterland thanks to the hard work and passion of the winemakers, authentic grape varieties and rich wine drinking culture. The local cuisine also did its own part in this process, making sure that every wine has a special type of dish that can be combined with it.

When it comes to indigenous grape varieties, “Kujundžuša” is the most popular one, occupying almost 90 percent of all vineyards. It became popular as a harmonious and light wine, with delicate fruity notes accompanied by mild minerality and refreshing taste. Right next to Kujundžuša, there are indigenous sorts such as Trnjak, Vranac, Žilavka, but Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Pinot Grey, Merlot and Syrah can also be found here.

Amazing landscape, high-quality wine, tasty traditional dishes and rich cultural and historical heritage are only some of the reasons why you should take the path of Wine routes of Dalmatian hinterland. Treat yourself and your family and friends with an unforgettable experience - contact us and we will arrange a private wine tour for you. You may also be interested in our scheduled tour to the Krka Waterfalls with wine tasting or a private excursion to Dubrovnik and Peljesac with wine tasting.


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