Trips to the colors, aromas, and fragrances of Vrgorac


At the bosom of Biokovo mountain which connects the sea and the islands, the coast and the hinterland of Makarska Riviera, lie countless hamlets, pearls of vernacular architecture, while its slopes come down to the rocky fields of Bunin, Rastoke and Jezera dominated by Vrgorac.

Vrgorac town and its rural area is a young tourist destination that attracts by its authentic charm, and captivates the visitor looking for cultural attractions, active vacation and experieces. Meeting people, customs and undiscovered destinations and reasons to travel fo many. The highlight of the town's tourism plan is the intertwininig of cultural heritage and events that foster tradition with customs and produciton that depict the identity and lifestyle of the people of this region. In the inevitable combination of heritage and today's pace of life, work and produciton, sacral festivities, traditional fairs and contemporary manifestations mix together and cultivate cultural identity and creativity from March to October. Acitvities and recreation in the natural environment as well as the gastronomic delights of Vrgovar, area at the beginning and the end of each excursion. The rounded cultural turist plan provides a unified tourist offer and attractions of the town of Vrgorac, like the programs for target groups with day-trips in the municipality area.

Active stay and recreation

Specific forms of tourism such as hiking in ladscaped walkways, cycling, boat rides, and wine tastitng along the wine road, are cherished in te rural areas of Vrgorac.


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