Top advices for safe and comfortable rafting experience


Rafting is an adrenaline sport, and like every other, it has its benefits, but also the rules you should definitely follow. On one hand, you’ll get the opportunity to experience the excitement over river rapids and enjoy the beauties of the surrounding nature, but on the other hand, you also have to take care of your own safety to avoid potential injuries and unpleasant situations. Here you’ll find a couple of advices which will turn your rafting into a perfect adrenaline day in the nature.

  • Choose a trustworthy rafting camp – it's not everything just in location and attraction. Find a rafting camp with experienced skippers and reliable equipment. Don’t hesitate to ask how to properly use provided equipment. All uncertainties should be resolved before you go down the river.
  • Don’t go on rafting without a life jacket and a helmet – no matter how experienced you are in rafting or how good of a swimmer are you, when it comes to rafting, you are not the only deciding factor. The life jacket will increase the level of your safety, but only if worn properly – it must adhere to the body and all the buckets must be properly buttoned. If your life jacket is too big, small or uncomfortable, you should ask for another one. The same goes for helmet.
  • Wearing proper clothes – the choice of clothes depends on the season, but always bear in mind that the temperature of water is slightly lower than the temperature of the air. Neoprene suit, life jacket and appropriate shoes will make your rafting experience much more pleasant and enjoyable.
  • Hold the oar properly and follow instructions – one hand should always be on the top of the oar, and the second one at the bottom, near the curve of the “T” handle. If you are not sure how to hold the oar like a pro, just ask your skipper, and follow his instructions.
  • Don't panic – no matter what, never, ever panic. If the boat is rocking or you go on a more demanding downhill, or even if you find yourself outside the boat, in the water, it’s important that you stay focused. You have all the necessary equipment, and the rest of the team, including the experienced skipper will help you out.

The only advice left is that you enjoy your rafting experience, soak all those impressions and create new unforgettable memories.


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