Krka National Park


Croatian National Park "Krka" is located in the area of Šibenik-Knin County, covering an area of 109 km² of the most beautiful part of the river Krka and the lower flow of the Čikola River. Krka River is around 72.5 km long and by the length is the 22nd river in Croatia. The exceptional beauty of the Krka National Park is created with seven sedge waterfalls that have a total "fall" of 224 meters. The Sedge waterfalls of Krka leave its visitors speechless with the magic game of water, sedges and nature, and are the natural and karst phenomenon of this park. Apart from the waterfalls that present the main attraction, along the river Krka the remains of several early Croatian fortresses from the 14th century can be found. The reason is in the territory of this area that extends between Krka and the river Čikola, where during the Middle Ages Croatian rulers and princes raised majestic fortifications and even entire towns on the very edge of the canyon of Krka. Fortresses on the shore of the river Krka had a defensive function, but they were also the nuclei of some villages. Today on those spots there are mere ruins with some visible towers and walls that testify the history of this area, their former size, but also represents an intriguing attraction, especially for the history lovers. Thanks to the geographic position of this park and a many different types of habitats, along the river Krka there is a colorful, diverse and picturesque world of flora with an incredible number of 1022 plant species. The flow of the Krka River is located  right at the ‘meet’ of the evergreen Mediterranean vegetation and the submediterranean vegetation, giving this space the diversity of life as well as extra attractiveness and beauty. This National Park also inhabits numerous endemic plant and animal species, which gives an even greater importance to the protection and preservation of this park, both by managers and visitors. In addition to this, the park is rich in numerous caves and holes, among which is the Oziđana cave, an archaeological site above the Roška Waterfall, where, along the steep rock, there are 517 wooden stairs to climb on. Krka National Park is another

Croatian phenomenon for which we are extremely grateful to mother nature. Let’s share this unforgettable experience together,

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