Discover all the beauties of the picturesque city of Mostar


Located on the shores of Neretva River, Mostar is well-known as the largest cultural and economic center of Herzegovina. The name of the city comes from the guardians of numerous bridges surrounding the city, which are called “most” in Bosnian. Mostar is therefore one of the most beautiful cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and that fact is recognized even by the UNESCO, which included the Bridge and the old part of the town on the list of world’s protected cultural heritage.

The Old bridge was built back in 1566 under Suleiman the Magnificent and was the largest harbor construction in the world at the time. As time passed by the bridge became the most famous symbol of the city and one of the main tourist attractions visited by thousands of people each year, all of them who just want to walk over this grandiose bridge.

The old town is the center of cultural events and abounds with numerous architectural structures such as “Biscevic corner” - an ottoman house from the17th century which was built on stone pillars high above the river of Neretva, stone walls which are also a part of protected historical heritage, and numerous sacral monuments of Islamic culture such as Koski Mehmed-Pasha Mosque and Karadjoz-beg Mosque dating from the 16th century. If you manage to climb on top of the Koski Mehmed-Pasha Mosque, you’ll get the chance to enjoy spectacular panoramic views stretching all across the city, Old bridge and the amazing surrounding nature.

Apart from all that, the part of the city known as Kujundziluk, is a place where you’ll find many stores with colorful souvenirs and handicrafts, and all along the city you’ll find many restaurants where you can taste some of the traditional local specialties, including “čevapćići”, “sarma” and “burek”.

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